Catching Amazon in a Lie

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If you haven't heard the # # yet, you are missing a LOT. It's some of the best detailed, coherent, in-depth reporting on a wide array of subjects. Their only # is that they generally report on the situations where the few empowered inflict harm on the many for profits.

This episode Al Letson gets to take another swing at Amazon and I'm pretty sure he 'sent it over the fence'. # had publically stated that he welcomed scrutiny, so Al delivered it.

If you think this story is just about Amazon, don't worry, they are just the main course. The dessert is the whole for-profit siloed networking system on the Internet.

Catching Amazon in a Lie

Mark Blyth is scratching my itch!

Everytime I hear Mark Blyth talk, I want to adopt him into my family. This appearance on # with Christopher Lydon is no exception.
COVID-19 did the Republican's dirty work for them.

Look on the Blyth Side
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Essentially we need to cap how much an individual can earn. Say, anything above 100 million a year should be taxed at 100%.
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Anyone who listens to Christopher Lydon is OK with me!

Election 2020 USA

Why isn't the # stepping into the # to observe the elections to make sure they aren't flawed?

I'm not positive that this message went to you correctly so I'm using a private post to redundantly ensure you get it.

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However, you need not have an account on this server to interact with it. That's the beauty of the Federation. The main difference is you can't easily filter down to the posts on the local community of a server that you don't have an account on. Not really a big deal. My servers have the public posts available on the Community page for the server anyway.

All the best to you.
Shit. My server won't let me make private posts today. I just upgraded. Might be on git soon posting an issue report.

Gimlet | Reply All | #166 Country of Liars

The best reporting of # both origin story and identity.

(see also: #122 The QAnon Code ⚡️⚡️)

(and see also: #165 The Mold and The Beautiful)

So this is a fun and concise reporting on the whole QAnon # # # generator machine on the Internet.

I just wonder if knowing the true identity of any "# slash "# takes away their powers.

# = #
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