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howdy! this is another test. pinging @Ambassador Mx. Chara Dreamer
and I can see this one too. so, three Friendica accounts, haha. two out of which allowed (supposedly) crossposting to Tumblr and Twitter...
oh, hm, the Tumblr crossposts from the Canadian Friendica instance did trickle through at last. no visible Twitter crossposting, however....
...and the Tumblr crosspost from THIS Friendica instance finally appeared

Why do prime numbers make these spirals?

This is wicked cool to watch. It doesn't get too technical till all the visual fun has been displayed. It's like telling a joke, then explaining why it's funny.

#Math #PrimeNumbers
#Math #PrimeNumbers Art (x) Math (x)
Thank you for posting this. I'm always playing catch up with my pure math.
The guy that makes the channels content is the best I've ever seen at illustrating math for the masses.

Why are the NYSE and private companies fighting over two-millionths of a second?

From the #Marketplace #Podcast I heard a real gem for the !Stock Picking Discussion #Forum. I forget the details of the whole backstory, but what I remember is this...

#WallStreet started wholesale hiring #Computer #Scientist's shortly after the #Y2K changeover; we were at a severe pay discount at that time. It was around 2002 that the hiring wave was more of an open secret. The finance people that were writing their checks didn't give them their due respect when they should have. This made an opening for the #Geeks to steal their bully #Jocks lunches. The CS people front ran the market based on AI automated trading and a shorter wire than the finance jocks had.

To more deeply understand the wire advantage an ordinary 2GHz speed processor (old and slow now), makes well over 2 billion calculations per second, and there are 1 million microseconds per second, and electricity travels at the speed of light, so in the same time data travels through six-inches of wire that 2GHz processor finished doing a calculation. The longer the difference between the connection to the data is, the more time a computer has to react to a change in the same data. Let's just say you have the new Intel 9 in a machine working for you today. That's 18 cores each doing 3 billion calculations per second. That's also way over 108,000 calculations in two-millionths of a second. And that's why the NYSE is making the news today.

This skimming by the geeks has gone on for a long time now, maybe a decade. Yesterday's story by Kai Ryssdal and Sabri Ben-Achour linked below is a type of "The Empire Strikes Back" by the finance guys.

It's short and worth your time to listen, BUT!!! I do not in any way condone this type of hyperspeed trading, it's bad for the market, bad for the environment and bad for other investors! The systems I am developing are designed to give you the mathematical minimum volatility in your investments while doing reasonable buy-and-hold ownership, in an ideal set of proportions, while still enjoying healthy returns tuned in by your risk tolerance.

Is There a Revolution for Women In Science? Are Things Finally Changing?

A great episode investigating #UnconsciousBias in #Academia (where they think they are imune). I didn't really have a clue what Unconscious #Bias was before hearing about it in this episode, but now I kind of know that I don't fully understand something I knew nothing about before.

I've often heard people hurry to inject the argument that we should select based on #Merit, not by skin color or sex-organs at birth, whenever #AffirmativeAction or some other hiring rules come to play and it sounds tempting to accept it despite that its usually angry white males who deliver that argument. This #Podcast delivers #objective, #empirical #evidence that refutes the idea that our current society can accurately perform #MeritBased #Hiring even when we are trying to do it. We must do some kind of skewing of our aim to be on the ideal target because our unconscious bias is making us perform consistently off target.

#UnconsciousBias #Academia #Bias #Merit #AffirmativeAction #Podcast #objective #empirical #evidence #MeritBased #Hiring Contemporary Issues (x) Gender Bias (x) News (x) Podcast (x) Racism (x)

Screaming Into The Void: How Outrage Is Hijacking Our Culture, And Our Minds

[He said knowingly with a smug sense of #Outrage and #Righteous #Indignation.] The gist of this episode is that we have #Evolutionary reward systems to be outraged at a person's reprehensible actions, but that sub-system was developed with small groupings of humanoids in face-to-face interactions, not #Electronic #SocialMedia.

There are lots of things to say about this episode of the #HiddenBrain #Podcast, and I'll start with my own personal worry that I'm part of the problem. I feel like I'm posting important content that is worth people's time to think about and I'm convinced that it will lead to a better world, but...

I also have this #Hypothesis that EVERYBODY thinks they are doing the right thing for the right reasons at all times. If I scrutinize the state of affairs at the times in my past when I made regrettable mistakes, I could see how I was mistakenly doing wrong while thinking I was the hero doing the right thing, AND making the world a better or safer place! If I give a #Deplorable person's actions a charitable review, I can see how they are misguided and thought they were doing the right thing and were making the world a better place despite doing the opposite with their actions.

It seems like open-minded #Discourse with people who are #Disagreeable to your position (as opposed to you personally), is a great way to find out when your favorite idea isn't built on solid ground.

If you think you are an #Influencer somewhere on the #SurveillanceCapitalism #SocialMedia or on a #Federated system, I urge you to listen to this short and powerful podcast and reflect on yourself with unbiased scrutiny to see if you are part of the problem or part of the solution.

CD201: WTF is the Federal Reserve?

Okay, I'm really getting a 💖 for this Jen Briney person. I haven't heard all her work yet, but of the things I have heard I'm #Enamored!

I'm jumping ahead in her #Podcast list to a recent episode and for a person who didn't understand the #FederalReserve #Bank to get it so right and with such a wonderful attitude of #Contempt is truly #Amazing. She's worth you donating money to her as an ongoing basis.

I know of no other source who so cleanly exposes the #USA's #Legislation an how it affects everybody in such a #Populist way. Someday she will be known as an #American #Hero for her #Journalistic work.

embedded player

Link to originators source

#Enamored #Podcast #FederalReserve #Bank #Contempt #Amazing #USA's #Legislation #Populist #American #Hero #Journalistic Contemporary Issues (x) News (x) Podcast (x) Politics (x)

@Grant Rostig Hey, WTF are you doing with those weird email invitations for people to join this server then friend you? They went to my outbound mail handler at mailgun and bounced off the authentication wall. They landed in my servers rejected mail inbox. I just noticed them tonight after upgrading Friendica.

Why don't you just do regular eMail with whatever you used to sign up with?
You expressed anger and or criticism and used the F word. It was directed at my action, with the word "you", not an inanimate object.
That's up to you if you want to take the worst possible reading of it. You're trying to be literal and not literal at the same time. "WTF" was an adverb attached to the action of what you were doing, not you as a human, but if you need this for a win, fine.

Also, the string literal "WTF" is different than the explicit "what the fuck" in a similar way as the expression "the N-word" is. You must get offended by the world very often.
I was not terribly offended, but people react differently to words, and have different standards for politeness. 😀
I am evaluating Friendica, but using your installation. I did a simple "invite others" and it failed and it got me shouted at by you. At this point I don't think I want to take the time to actually install and test Friendica, nor attempt to write bug reports. I did however take the time to describe it to you so you would test it yourself.
This one I was totally ignorant about. I didn't even know that feature was a thing. I never noticed before today and apparently you are the first person to have used it. I'm going to have to see if I can turn it off. I don't think I can.

Getting shouted at? Weird flex but okay. I had monotone in my head when writing it, just like everything in this thread so far. Next time I'll send a video link.

Part of benefiting from open-source systems is being a good citizen and helping to improve it. You should have taken the time to report it. I will do your work for you.
I didn't know it was a bug until you commented, it still could be a configuration error. Yes open source is good.
It doesn't seem to be a configuration error. It does seem like when it was initially coded, it assumed too much about how eMail would be transported on a generalized system. I am behind a DHCP connection so have to use a service like MailGun to get my outbound eMail to work. Someday (maybe) I'll be able to afford a static IP.

As I posted the report (, I realized that the link might only be visible in one of the themes, though it's directly available on any Friendica site because it's part of the core. I found no admin interface settings to tweak its content or turn it off.
Okay, very interesting.

Do you have an idea for a Librem 5 app? Here’s a guide to setup your local development environment and an app design tutorial to get you started #purism #linuxphone #mobilelinux

What does the bond market tell us about the economy?

So why are #Bonds (or specifically #Treasuries), going in the @Stock Picking Discussion you ask? Because their's very few long-range indicators of what the future will be like. (My personal favorite is population, but that will be another post because it's highly nuanced.)

Sean McHenry & Kai Ryssdal really condense a message and translate it well to normal language so that its obvious why you should care about the #BondMarket and #IntrestRates / #Yeild on a daily or weekly basis.

#TBill #TenYearNote

WTF is the DOW Index?

So this is for the !Stock Picking Discussion #Forum because as it turns out a lot of people who might want to invest don't know what those news-making indexes are or why they should or should not matter.

The attached article below is a link to a Google Spreadsheet document that calculates the Dow Jones Industrial Average live. You can click around in the cells to see how it's calculating to come up with the number talked about on the news. Their's lots to say about this one, so I'm going to thread comments below to explain more...
#Forum @Stock Picking Discussion Economics (x) Economy (x) Trading (x)

FAQ 3: Do Indexes measure the Economy?

Um, yes, but mostly no. They measure the economy in the same way that a big-appetite can measure the health of a person.

The #Economy of an entity, be it the entire Earth, a group of countries, single countries or even smaller entities like cities or rural towns, is like an #Environment of the same entity, but it focuses on how our decisions affect each other within the entity. In prehistoric times the economy was things like a freshwater stream, a berry bush, a fruit tree, some predator and prey animals, you & your family, and who gets to have what. We can assume they had a net positive economic system because we are here today in greater numbers.

Almost anybody who reads this can, in a moments thought, conclude that the price of a stock in an #index has very little to do with their personal experiences in the economy. If you try to imagine that every private business (not traded on an open market like #NYSE, #NASDAQ, or #OTC), from the next-door neighbor's side-hustle that is only a #business on their tax forms such as a Schedule C sheet or a number in the Other Income box on the main page of their 1040, to #companies as big as Cargill, it seems obvious that most of the Economy isn't part of the #stock #market. Clearly, private companies cannot possibly be measured by any index of any market. They are all certainly part of the economy. Some parts of the economy defy all aggregate measurement, like when the excess heat waste of buried pipes of a manufacturing plant makes the land above them ideal for a Northern farmer to build a winter tolerant tomato farm under glass. Some parts of the economy we can measure, but because of power in the wrong hands we don't, like the negative cost of pollution on all of society and the environment versus the cost of responsible handling of the same waste product, be it a smokestack of a coal-fired electric power plant or a pig-shit lake running off into a freshwater stream people get their drinking water from. The economy is so big and detailed, and an index is so focused and simple that it should be obvious that it does not measure the economy.

But it does measure something! Just like a big appetite for food can show that a baby is healthy, or a person in the hospital is recovering, an index can tell something about the economy. The indexes are aggregating price changes in the stock markets. #Price changes in the stock market are in general changing because at least two people have simultaneously thought, that's too low & that's too high, and had the ability to transact in that companies stock. We can have wishful thoughts about that price meaning the worth of that company (Market Capitalization), but it's not too much so; mostly its desire-driven based pricing on the perception of future earnings potential. When a company first issues the stock in a way that the "public" can buy shares (to become Outstanding Shares), the buyers are handing the company cash to do projects for profit in exchange for some ownership claim to the company. Most of the public trading has nothing to do with the day to day operations of the company. If they want to launch another big project and want to issue more stock to fund it (selling Treasury Stock), they would care greatly what the current price of their stock is selling at. It might seem like everything I'm writing proves indexes are not measuring the economy, but that connection between sentiment and price is an indicator. Since goods and/or services a company offers are where it's profit & potential profit comes from, and desirable products and services are a fundamental component of every economy, an index going up hints at a bright future for the economy, in as much as the part of the economy that is publicly traded in the stock market. Though that segregation of public/private exists, both the company types have equal access to the whole economies customers, so there is a connection to the economy from an index albeit a sentimental one where people back their opinions with their own money.

Please note that price changes don't directly mean the underlying company is worth more or worth less, it just means that the last buyer-seller combination has agreed to trade money for a tiny slice of ownership at that price per share. For example, the day I was writing this, Nike had great earnings news come out the day before and there was a flood of shares changing hands; over 1% of the companies outstanding shares changed ownership. (lolz, over 1%!!!) If a company like Nike has a really monstrous day they might have up to 4% of the ownership change hands. Some of that is automatic trading in weight managed funds, and some of that is day trading speculators who will buy and sell in the same day or week. The volume of the shares being traded is fairly important but the news does not have a way to adjust the fuzzy logic level of certainty of the index according to volume. You need to keep that in mind when evaluating what an index is saying compared to other metrics. Seeing a cloud in the sky doesn't mean you need to carry an umbrella.
#BTW today's #Marketplace podcast is related...
The stock market is not the economy … so what is it?

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Capitalism. Time for a reset — This is the new agenda

I'm a #Skeptic because of my experiences in life. I'm an #Optimist about the nature of our collective #humanity being more #good than #bad. I'm a #Pessimist about the people in power being far more likely to be #sociopathic than the population at large. This new thing the Financial Times is doing, #TheNewAgenda, well, it seems genuine.

They are mumbling or at least saying quietly, "hey #Capitalism, you're we're doing it wrong." They seem to be reporting with a #perspective of #introspect and #reckoning of overdue #liability #accounts of industrial capitalism. Typically, big-capitalism doesn't do introspect, it only does short term plans to beat their competitors to death.

I know it's very easy to put on a false front and get people to think you're doing something good when the #hidden #agenda, the true goal, is bad for most people. I'm going to presume innocence on the #FT here until proven otherwise. The FT was really good before this new "New-Thing" so I'm optimistic about it.
#Skeptic #Optimist #humanity #good #bad #Pessimist #sociopathic #TheNewAgenda #Capitalism #perspective #introspect #reckoning #liability #accounts #hidden #agenda #FT Democracy (x) Economics (x) Egalitarianism (x) Politics (x) Society (x)

Why would Iran attack Saudi Aramco's oil facilities?

The FT News podcast called News In Focus just recently reviewed that recent question of, "did #Iran do the damage to the #Saudi #oil production facility?" The FT talks about claims of where the weapons were launched from and who built them as well as other nations having a consensus building and decaying over who to blame.

I'm personally not convinced yet by any claims of who did it, but if the #USA (my home country) wants to claim that #Iranian looking #weapons means Iran did it, I'm gonna have to call bullshit and fuck-you. We never find the time to blame ourselves for all the #death and #carnage that our weapons do in the hands of others! I'm leaving Iran off the hook on this one so far.

Why would Iran attack Saudi Aramco's oil facilities?

Make sense of a disrupted world Your browser does not support playing this file but you can still download the MP3 file to play locally. A devastating missile and drone attack on Saudi oil installations last week highlighted the vulnerability of global oil supplies to the threat of regional unrest. The attack was claimed by Houthi rebels fighting ...
# #Iran #Saudi #oil #USA #Iranian #weapons #death #carnage Contemporary Issues (x) News (x) Podcast (x) Politics (x)

WTF is the DOW Index?

So this is for the !Stock Picking Discussion #Forum because as it turns out a lot of people who might want to invest don't know what those news-making indexes are or why they should or should not matter.

The attached article below is a link to a Google Spreadsheet document that calculates the Dow Jones Industrial Average live. You can click around in the cells to see how it's calculating to come up with the number talked about on the news. Their's lots to say about this one, so I'm going to thread comments below to explain more...
#Forum @Stock Picking Discussion Economics (x) Economy (x) Trading (x)

Mouse Jacking! God-damn computers!

So after hearing the latest episode of the Hackable podcast I want only wired computer-mice! Check the MouseJack site to see if your #Wireless #Mouse is an #AttackSurface giving out your #Google stored #PASSWORDS!!!
#Wireless #Mouse #AttackSurface #Google #PASSWORDS Electronics (x) Security (x) Vulnerability (x)

Congressional Dish Podcast Rocks!

I just love this Jennifer Briney #Podcaster! From the April-2013 CD024: Let’s Gut the STOCK Act episode where she first—in a non-partisan way—"gives the game away" of how unethical our "elected" officials can be, to the latest show where she reveals where she's coming from personally and ethically. She turns Congressional Gruel into palatable delicacies for the hungry masses. A true #Journalist.
#Podcaster #Journalist Contemporary Issues (x) News (x) Podcast (x) Politics (x)

Michael Rupp Friendica (AP)
This show is a really great source for anybody #Worldwide who has an interest in #USA's #Politics because Jennifer Briney reads the dense Legalese that makes up a #Bill going through #Congress, and she explains it in common #English with emphasis on what a #Populist #Humanist type person would care about.

An important detail on what she covers is #Legislation that starts in the #HouseOfRepresentatives, not the #Senate because it's the spending bills that originate from the House of Rep.'s. Things we spend money on tend to affect the #World whereas bills that start in the Senate tend to just effect #Americans.

Name of the show / newspaper column / orginazation

Part of "[url=https://ParentOrgFQDN.TLD/]Parent Org Description[/url]"


[b]Classification:[/b] [i]Partisan -[/i] #SeeLeftPanelLink | [i]Journalisic Quality -[/i] #SeeLeftPanelLink

[b]Scope:[/b] #SomeCountry

Template (x)

#StatesRights Contemporary Issues (x) News (x) Podcast (x) Politics (x)

"I Love America" Facebook page (pushing pro-Trump propaganda) is run by Ukrainians

I just caught this on my Twitter feed via Judd Legum, where the site tells the story of how we still have an evil #Zuckerburg doing the #Facebook to the world.
#Zuckerburg #Facebook Contemporary Issues (x) News (x) Podcast (x) Politics (x)

So @ale :ale: you have quite a few things going on at, don't you. It's way more than I tried taking on so far.

I'm not sure if anybody on #Friendica or the #Fediverse would notice my posting rate dropping. I've been doing things to the house to get it ready to sell. I can't wait to get out from under the soul-crushing debt.
It is a great time to sell. My wife is a Real Estate agent (for about 4 years now) and our national housing market is going to crest pricing soon. For the last 14 months in a row pricing has lowered the rate of increase, so picture the pricing curve at its apex over time.

I don't own a crystal ball though so the pricing may go flat like a satellite launched into orbit, or start to speed in upward ascent again or start dropping faster than they rose.

I want to rent and invest what we call equity for a while hoping the housing prices fall while we are renting.
I had similar thoughts.

The Trumped-up Economy and the coming world of hurt...

Back in August, #TheSignal #Podcast did an episode called How to start a currency war,

and it gave us a very foreboding message about one of the very real possibilities we are facing worldwide if my countries #Asshole in the #WhiteHouse continues making decisions to profit his ego and his massively wealthy donors bottom-lines.

Just this week, that same podcast aired another show along the same lines as the one linked above called, What happens in a recession.

The show paints a grim picture for the future, but it's not a dystopian fantasy, it's a likely outcome.

Because I tend to be a contrarian, I looked for a silver lining. This type of an economic downturn, while it's helping the rich, hurting the middle-class, and not affecting the poor, it will be helping the fight against #ClimateChange. We will be doing less of everything that releases carbons into the atmosphere, and less of everything that degrades the earth and sea.
#TheSignal #Podcast #Asshole #WhiteHouse #ClimateChange Contemporary Issues (x) Economics (x) News (x) Podcast (x) Politics (x)

It’s an Economist’s World

This is soooo #Great!
The #Economist’s #Evolutionary path into the forefront of #Government is explored and scrutinized in a delightful way in this episode. As a staunch hater of #Friedman and his almost #Nefarious contributions to #Economic thought, I'm quite pleased to hear a new wave of thinkers are coming to the fore. Binyamin Appelbaum and his book,
"The Economists' Hour | False Prophets, Free Markets, and the Fracture of Society",
might get me to spend money on a paper book again! It's like Binyamin finally said, "the King has no clothes." Applebaum isn't pulling punches with his content and he's not sparing any former lead politicians from blame.

The interview starts at about 5:34

The page that audio comes from is
The attached article below is Applebaum's column in the NYT.

The New York Times: Opinion | Blame Economists for the Mess We’re In (By BINYAMIN APPELBAUM)

In the event that I have readers unfamiliar with the school of Economics, don't shy away. All people have the ability to contribute to this school of thought. In general, all economists study the motivation people have for selecting goods and services with their limited resources. All you need to participate is some personal insight and some curiosity in others rationale for their decisions.

Microeconomics focuses on those atomic level decisions like if you pick whole milk over 2% or a red-colored package over a green-colored package.

Macroeconomics focuses on what happens when all of us make decisions simultaneously, and how policy and/or regulatory actions can be enacted to avoid large scale societal problems.
#Great #Economist’s #Evolutionary #Government #Friedman #Nefarious #Economic Contemporary Issues (x) Economics (x) News (x) Philosophy (x) Podcast (x) Politics (x)

Olga Lautman on the Russian Mafia

This one is so new that the #Podcast isn't even available on the Gaslit Nation website yet. I used the Lybsyn podcast manager to get the content here.

Olga "knows where the bodies are buried" when it comes to #NYC #Mobsters. She's in the know with the #Jewish and #Russian #Mob's and she's naming names, and putting string from one person to another.

The #RudyGiuliani thing was amazing. #Giuliani as the NY State Prosecutor got famous for going after Organized Crime, but now I see that was just him using public funds to clear out the #Italians so that the #Russians he was connected to could have it easier.

#Podcast #NYC #Mobsters #Jewish #Russian #Mob's #RudyGiuliani #Giuliani #Italians #Russians Contemporary Issues (x) News (x) Podcast (x) Politics (x)

Middle East drone attacks: Is Israel banking on Iranian response?

Fucking #Benjamin #Netanyahu has pulled his dick out again; #Drone #Strikes. #Israel will punch you in the face and say it was a medical procedure. Then send you a bill for their services.
#Benjamin #Netanyahu #Drone #Strikes #Israel Contemporary Issues (x) News (x) Politics (x)

Super-Secure Computing with ORWL by Design SHIFT

This miniature #computer has quite a technological punch! Watch the embedded video below to see how easy they make it to be #Secure with your data and computational needs.

#computer #Secure OpenSource (x) Technology (x)

Merriam-Webster's twitter account throws shade at US POTUS

This tweet is pretty funny. It's following #Trump's #Sharpie-gate. #FunFact altering #NOAA weather information is a federal crime.

The link to the tweet is M-W restoring #funny & archaic words to identify people in unflattering ways. #Mumpsimus was highlighted in the tweet (and it prompted #Trumpsimus), but that tweet links to a great list of fun words.

Edward Snowden Interview with Jeremy Scahill

(I wasn't surprised to hear about this) People on a #Purism forum noted that verifiable sealed packaging was desired:
Preventing shipment interception, providing hardware integrity verification
BECAUSE the fucking #CIA opens packages to pre-hack you.
(at about the 29:30 mark)
#Purism #CIA Security (x)
Michael Rupp Friendica (AP)
This is also attached to that idea of #security on a new level.

Novena | A new open-hardware computing platform, flexible and powerful, designed for use as a desktop, laptop, or standalone board.
For all the crazies who like to play war, I believe many in government offices are secretly glad that Snowden is alive and functional.

@Purism BTW, I'm in the latest pre-order group for the #Librem5.

Wow, @pzmyers 🦑 on the #Federated systems! Cool. You're kind of the most famous name I saw in the #ActivityPub systems so far.

Watchdog: Comey violated FBI policies in handling of memos (Oh MY!!!)

#Elections are getting closer in #America. You can tell because the news starts to change from the smell of manure to sewage.

A while ago the "Justice" Department released this story:
AP | Justice Department declines to prosecute Comey over memos

Today the same justice department that had nothing to go on released this #NothingBurger:
AP | Watchdog: Comey violated FBI policies in handling of memos
Which if you read it in full you'll see Comey rolling his eyes at the imitation #ChickenShit they are serving the public.

My first thoughts were...

#Elections #America #NothingBurger #ChickenShit Contemporary Issues (x) News (x) Politics (x)

The FEC is about to suffer a crippling loss

#American #Elections have more troubles for 2020. The #Marketplace podcasts are very brief. At the start of this one, we hear why trees will fall in the forest but nobody will hear them so they didn't happen. Well, the #Campaign #Finance version of that. #Koch will own it.

#American #Elections #Marketplace #Campaign #Finance #Koch Contemporary Issues (x) News (x) Podcast (x) Politics (x)

So @tania moore what was the unfinished work your husband was doing?
tania moore mastodon (AP)
my husband was a philanthropist before his death
That's a great job to have. ;)

Thanks, @Darius Kazemi for the cool thinking here. The linked article below goes to his idea of the Federated #Neighborhood that he added to a fork of #Mastodon. I hope all the #Developers of #ActivityPub or Federated #SocialNetworks see his idea. I think it's a built-in feature of all #Nextcloud instances.

GRACE-FO Shows the Weight of Midwestern Floods

So all those #ClimateChangeDeniers in the US #Government right now who are using #Jesus to justify making #ClimateChange worse for personal #Profits, they did this.
No need to buy Greenland, the water comes to the US.

Gun Ownership vs. Gun Fetish

The #2A #Zealots and Status Symbol #GunOwner's make me think of the line, "The lady doth protest too much, methinks" from William Shakespeare's Hamlet. In another way, their talk of "self-defense" reminds me of anti-gay #Conservative #Politicians who get caught in the act having #Gay relationships. #Hypocrisy!

I personally defend the second amendment (not zealously) and am convinced that it meant personal ownership or militias by the wording it was written. However, I don't own firearms. They are stupid wastes of money. I think the militia part of the 2nd amendment is highly questionable at best because they were initially created to control slave populations. Some of these dodgy gun owners claim they need it because of the wildlife near them. I would like to remind them that Native Americans were doing just fine here for a long time without firearms and the same wildlife problems.

I speculate that people who zealously defend it and make a reality TV type display of their status symbols have a premeditated desire to kill people as the driving force behind those foolish purchases. They say they want to defend themselves, but really they want to exterminate pests they don't like and people are pests for them. Kind of like George Carlin said in a bit.

When one of their cultural insiders goes ahead and does a #MassShooting they panic and go into "Bunker Mode" where they begin twisting their morality and rational thinking into defending things that are objectively a big part of the problem. They twist reality in their minds to justify their positions. It's a lot like the way a drug-addicted person at the end of their rope says obviously crazy things in a desperate attempt to keep the high going.
#2A #Zealots #GunOwner's #Conservative #Politicians #Gay #Hypocrisy #MassShooting Contemporary Issues (x) News (x) Politics (x)
Wow, @Michael Rupp, you are all over the place. You make a multiplicity of conceptual, historical and theoretical connections which, frankly, are hard to keep track of. Could be a sign of your genius or of something else.

Let me see if I can sort of distill this discourse to it's essence. Risky it may be, but I am going to give it a try.
And what’s this Man at the pinnacle talk? That sounds like something you have been told and accepted without much thought. Sure we have opposable thumbs and are able to communicate better across long distances so we are in practice better killers of all other living things, but that’s no reason to think we’re special.
This, I believe, points to the heart of the matter. Michael. Which leads me to a simple question: do you believe in God?
I believe these social forums are at a loss for organizing a branching dialogue.
I thought that by my last comment, I was not running up a branch or twig, but getting closer to the trunk; Maybe even the taproot. But that is just what I perceive. Others may have it occur for them differently.
This is why discourse often spirals out of control on social media.
I agree that this does happen, quite often in fact. Again, by my last comment, I felt that I was lassoing the wild beast of almost free-associative thought and distilling the issues to their most radical, substantive element. I still feel the same while recognizing that others might not agree.
We need some tree branching format instead of a linear long form.
I am tending to agree with you on this. Though I can understand the problem and conceive of the solution in sketch form, I lack the skills to solve it on my own. Perhaps that will change in the future, or perhaps someone like-minded guru might come along and provide an alternative before either one of us (you or me) do.
To be direct, I used to be a person of faith (Roman Catholic), but then I thought about it a lot and rejected faith. It’s not something I hide, but I don’t want to shove it in peoples faces either ... I think when I posted it, the server settings for “Public Server” were on which enacts automatic expiration of posts.
Well then, perhaps we have something in common in Roman Catholicism, and 'exiting' the church. It is probably safe to say that I zigged where you zagged upon departure. However, there is a framework that I think we have in common that might make future discussions more fluid and fruitful.

To be continued, @Michael Rupp?

Fantasy Football

So @Fantasy Sports Discussion this is going on in the Geek world...

Star Wars x Football Helmets


I wonder if people would wear them to real #American #Football events because nobody I know of wears a helmet in #FantasyFootball.
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