With the influx of all these Twitter people to Mastodon, not only am I able to find favorite folk on here but I've been reminded of a Twitter thing I long forgot about: #FollowFriday .
In accordance with Twitter custom I've re-shared a couple of those posts, so forgive me in advance for doing that going forward, mainly because I'm celebrating the fact that fine people from over there are coming over here. Yeah--celebrating.
And putting my own post out there for former Twitter followers to find.

Welcome, Twitter immigrants!!

Pen² S friendica
一顿操作之后才想起来我这个站跟 pleroma 互动有问题。。。啊啊啊我不管了我要自建了(本来想等2022.12版本的)
Pen² S friendica
@Error 因为我是小白啥都不懂,所以只知道装yunohost上面的东西。算了反正我本来就准备等2022.12的正式版的。今天也是一时冲动。
Error mastodon (AP)
谁不是小白呢…耐心耐心,我刚开始也装了好多次。 :0530: 以至于我ID都是error

Thanks for the outstanding photo! ❤
Gary Hill diaspora
It was an outstanding shadow : )

Farm Workers (Mural St. Helena Post Office)
#art by Earle Wilton #Richardson

John Hummel diaspora
Thanks, Clara 😀
You're welcome.
Post office murals were painted under a New Deal-era law that created the WPA (Work Progress Administration) by which artisans and craftspeople were employed by the government so as to get a paycheck. Such murals adorn post offices across the country.

Parasite gives wolves what it takes to be pack leaders

Study is one of the few to show the behavioural effects of Toxoplasma gondii in wild animals.

Wolves infected with a common parasite are more likely than uninfected animals to lead a pack, according to an analysis of more than 200 North American wolves1. Infected animals are also more likely to leave their home packs and strike out on their own.

#Toxoplasma gondii #behaviour change

@GossiTheDog for those who may not know how to read this, the tool reports how many trackers are being foisted on you by each platform, and this is what it found:
* Mastodon ( 0
* Twitter: 13
* Facebook: 26
* LinkedIn: 114

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Gone in 9 minutes: How a Celtic gold heist unfolded in Germany


Thieves who broke into a southern German museum and stole hundreds of ancient gold coins got in and out in nine minutes without raising the alarm, officials said Wednesda

#news #npr #publicradio #usa
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Tateyama Mountains, Japan by Teruhide Tomori


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surprising how many Elon Musk “fans” don’t know this information…

Webb reveals an exoplanet atmosphere as never seen before


Artist impression of WASP-39 b and its star

The NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope just scored another first: a molecular and chemical portrait of a distant world’s skies. While Webb and other space telescopes, including the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, have previously revealed isolated ingredients of this heated planet’s atmosphere, the new readings provide a full menu of atoms, molecules, and even signs of active chemistry and clouds. The latest data also give a hint of how these clouds might look up close: broken up rather than as a single, uniform blanket over the planet.

#space #science #esa #europeanspaceagency
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Electroplated 3D Printed Sword: Shiny!


#3dprinterhacks #3dprinting #electroplating #hackaday
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t1nk3r3r_11 diaspora
I didn't know electroplating resin was possible.
Exactly what I was thinking when I re-shared this as a remarkable thing to see.

Turns out that there's the use of conductive paint as a sort of primer, laid down on the resin first, and the subsequent electroplating involves several layers that you have to sand between each layer as they're laid down. It's labor-intensive.

San Francisco police seek permission for its robots to use deadly force

'The San Francisco Police Department is currently petitioning the city's Board of Supervisors for permission to deploy robots to kill suspects that law enforcement deems a sufficient threat ...'

What could possibly go wrong?

#technology #tech #robotics #LawEnforcement #law #police
(I hate seeing this particular combination of hashtags)…

Gold coin proves 'fake' Roman emperor was real

China expands lockdowns as COVID-19 cases hit daily record


Daily mass testing was ordered in the city of Zhengzhou in what the local government called a "war of annihilation" against the virus.

#news #npr #publicradio #usa
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Westinghouse sees a tech disrupter in its eVinci microreactor

See the video above for more on our exclusive trip to Westinghouse’s Waltz Mill facility.
#reactors, #news, #nuclear

Ted Ewen (f) friendica (via ActivityPub)
as long as we still get paid.
Ya, there's that. But I wonder how long the current president of FIFA will last after this fiasco.

Khurram Wadee diaspora
We've given already.
I rather fancied that the question was asked--Whooooo are youuuuuu???
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