Former DHS disinformation expert sues Fox News alleging defamation

Nina Jankowicz, who once led the Department of Homeland Security board, said that Fox deliberately lied about her and that she was subjected to death threats.


An expert who once oversaw a Department of Homeland Security disinformation board filed a defamation suit Wednesday against Fox News, her lawyer said.

Nina Jankowicz said in the suit, filed in Delaware state court, that she was subjected to violent threats because of Fox News’ portrayal of her and her role, which included insults made on the network.

“Fox’s coverage of Jankowicz was neither news nor political commentary; it was cheap, easy entertainment untethered from the facts, designed to make consumers believe that Jankowicz could and would suppress their speech,” her attorneys wrote in the suit. “Fox chose to lie about Jankowicz deliberately.”


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Migrants are frustrated with the asylum claim app, even after the latest overhaul


Immigration authorities touted a major update meant to improve CBP One, an app that's now the main authorized portal to seek asylum at the border. But migrants in Juárez say it's still not working.

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这么看起来 Calckey 还挺厉害的#fediverse

If anybody wonders why CalcKey renders quoted posts three times in streams, it's because we support all 12 of the quoted posts implementations -- and CalcKey now supports 3 of these (but not the method we finally agreed on for the fediverse in the FEP)

-- and this is in the activity:

        <br>"_misskey_quote": "",<br>"quoteUri": "",<br>"quoteUrl": "",<br>

#Fixed. No need to file a bug.




非常感谢!这个链接已经没有了,不过通过 url 里面的名字搜了一下就搜到了( ),现在谷歌商店里只有 hdf 版啦:
@ℨ𝔢𝔯𝔬 (っ◔◡◔)っ 所以我能打开其实是因为我的账户上安装过所以还能打开。。HDF那个它推荐我安装过,功能好像差不多甚至那个和去年天气对比的图还要更精细一些。但我想着之前的又不是不能用😂

虽然没准备付费自建了,但还是想把之前搭的一个 family tree 软件找个地方搭起来。

于是就找了一个叫 InfinityFree 的网站,没想到整个过程除了它登录时需要谷歌图片验证所以必须要翻墙以外,其它部分都是一键式的。它提供了免费子域名、免费证书(虽然这一步我被网站推荐误导,选择了 GoGetSSL 证书,实际只有90天免费,但其实还可以选 ZeroSSL 或者自签证书然后走 CF(大概?)),最后 family tree 软件也直接用 Softaculous 安装了……

原来Friendica不同站点的UI差异这么大…… #试用新站点
@Reed Tsai 其实只是默认主题不一样。这个站用的是一个相对较老的主题,好像已经没怎么维护了。

看过《迪迦&戴拿&盖亚·奥特曼 超时空的大决戦》 :star_solid: :star_solid: :star_solid: :star_half: :star_empty:

Misskey 不知从什么时候开始支持隐藏特定联系人的转发了,赞一个
@不做核酸渾身難受 关注状态旁边的三个点,然后选择屏蔽转贴

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我们这边的街道医院政策是距感染后三个月、上一针六个月就可以打了。这里只能打这个,康希诺的吸入式需要电话预约。医生说 mRNA 曾经有但是已经下架了。

书吏君的第四窝(禁转出长毛象) Private message mastodon (AP)

@Error 当初它骗我上车的时候是两年一共8.35美元。。。
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#水星的魔女 第16集
啊啊啊啊啊 你已经在看了 我都忘了(

测试与 Pleroma 的互通。
目前发现这里跟 pawoo 这样的旧版本长毛象互通还是有问题。

Drinking alcohol doesn't help you live longer. Instead, it is at least, a risk for illness

Why was it common knowledge yesterday that alcohol in moderation is good for you, but it’s common knowledge today that no amount of alcohol is OK?

Turns out the "French paradox" (that the French live longer because they drink wine) is wrong - the factor is mostly the Mediterranean diet, including more fruits and vegetables. Also;:
- The French to under-report heart-disease deaths
- 4% of all cancers and 15% of breast cancers are related to drinking. (Only 39% of Americans know that alcohol causes cancer)
- Big Alcohol companies pushed the falsehood (surprise!)
- A bias on helping a minority (alcoholics) made it look like they were the only ones endangered by drinking

smellsofbikes diaspora
And french have real health care not American cheap crappy health insurance in place of care. - 🤗Ukrainian Nazar Doroshkevych has won the GoPro Million Dollar Challenge by filming a jet with an FPV drone

More news here 👉

Original tweet :

Second goods train derailed in Russian Bryansk border region

Watch "U.S. religious extremists help push radical anti-gay laws in Africa" on YouTube
Literally gonna fucking cry right here right now. That’s why I pay tribute to Medusa🖤🐍

A 2,134-meter tall statue of Medusa holding the severed head of Perseus has been installed in Manhattan, across from the NY County Criminal Court, the site of high-profile abuse cases.
Medusa was stalked and raped by Poseidon and then blamed for it, and cursed by Athena with snake hair and turning people into stone statues. She was banished and so Perseus killed and beheaded her. Turning into a "Hero"

This statue "flips the narrative" as a way to bring justice to the character and the countless real-life Medusas. Who suffer the same fate due to the lack of justice in the world...

De l’autre coté des océans, des déserts et des montagnes, juste avant que le téléphone ne tombe en panne, ma vieille mère m’a demandée :
  • Que fais-tu pour Pâques ?

C’est agaçant cette insistance à vouloir te ramener dans la barque que tu as quittée… je lui ai répondu :
  • Pour Pâques ? Je jeûne et je pense à tous ces agneaux qui vont être sacrifiés !**

Photo de Jennie Marie schell

Earlier today, I used a #MacroLens to #photograph a subject close up. Now I switched to a #telephoto lens with a #FocalLength of 400 mm to capture objects effectively at #infinity.

You may have seen some of my #sunset #photographs before and, yes, it's the same #horizon and the same old #Sun but this one caught my eye because of its sharpness. There wasn't a cloud in the vicinity of the Sun when it was setting. You can see the bright, smoothly varying #yellow, #gold and #orange of the #sky contrasting the dark, sharp #silhouettes of the #trees in the #foreground. Also there's that mobile phone mast too.
Sunset behind trees on the horizon

#Cropping the image around our local #star, you see the #trees in what I'm calling #ExtremeSilhouette as the blinding light of the Sun seem to flow around solid wood and renders it invisible with only the ends of branches seemingly suspended in mid air disconnected to the trunk and giving the Sun the appearance of having spiky hair.
Cropped image of the sunset

#MyWork #MyPhoto #CCBYSA #DSLR #Nikon #D7000 #Spring

Many tributes to the dearly departed #HarryBelafonte have included mention of his role in the recording of "We Are The World" without mentioning his activism with USA for Africa, who produced the same in conjunction with the fundraising event Hands Across'm bringing it up because I was a participant, holding hands with fellow Phonicians in Arizona at the time. And I still have my 45 rpm copy of We Are The World, too.
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Incredible story of salvaging the wood of a legendary mahogany tree - used in some of the world’s finest guitars
(See comment below post for link to a YouTube video to hear one of these guitars.)

Ray #Brown & #The Whispers - Ivor The Engine Driver

(Originally written by Pete Townshend and The Who.) just sayin' ;)

Well who doesn’t have “friends” who pay your way on premier vacations every year, including one costing $500K?! Right? Riiiiight!

The same “friend” just happens to have business on the docket of SCOTUS every year for the last 25 years. I’m sure it’s all a funny coincidence.

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Marginalia: Search engine that focuses on non-commercial content. A break from the SEO, seemingly AI generated sites that google loves.

The spies keep getting younger - LOL

This is the first successful breach of the White House fence since it was recently doubled in height. It appears that the designers did not consider the possibility of intruders simply going through the fence. 🤣🤣🤣

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