People are selling this sold out Girl Scout Cookie flavor on eBay…for up to $100

Shame on them. It sounds like what people did during the tp shortage, except this was a deliberate “corner the market” deal.

The Girl Scouts Council urges people not to buy them on resell websites, despite how tempting they look.

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A man dies of a brain-eating amoeba, possibly from rinsing his sinuses with tap water


Florida health officials are investigating the death and urging people to take precautions. Here's what to know if you're planning on breaking out your neti pot or swimming in a lake anytime soon.

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Florida. It figures. Municipal tap water providers chlorinate water and the amoeba can't survive chlorination. I'll bet it was somebody whose religion includes being anti-chlorination.
On second thought--Florida. I'm surprised the amoeba found anything to eat at all up there.

A Greek train driver was told to ignore a red light before a head-on crash killed 57


A newly released recording shows a station manager telling the train driver to pass the red light before two trains collided in one of the country's worst railway disasters in history.

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STILL no Next Payge, and that was such a well-run site, too.

Warren Accuses John Roberts Of Acting As ‘Super Legislator’ During Student Debt Oral Arguments…

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Warren is correct of course. The 'Roberts Court' was all 'Unitary Executive' when it's a Republican Pres., but all 'Originalist/Textualist' (AKA, Constitutional Hogwash) when ruling to nullify Democratic Executive powers.

Roberts SCOTUS (6 of 9) are akin to really bad scientists, they write the ruling & then they search for obscure Constitutional Dominionism.

Libertarian billionaires stacked this court for coequal branch obliteration.
I don't doubt that one bit, but it also happens that MAGA stacked the court and now Roberts has found himself riding the proverbial tiger and is likely to get swallowed by it.
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Assessing the Micromirror Device from a DLP Printer for Maskless Lithography Duty


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I’ve looked at all the weather predictions and they look a bit like this.

Get out your box of crayons, meteorologists.

#humor #weather

A new Ford patent imagines a future in which self-driving cars repossess themselves


The company says it has no plans to put ideas from the patent into action. Instead, it serves as a vision of what the future of repossession could look like with self-driving and smart cars.

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John Hummel diaspora
It was just a matter of time.

National Geographic 2015 -Yukio Miki

#art, #photographie, #printemps

Apparently a number of changes have taken place on Outsourced Math while it was offline and I'm not happy about its blurring too many images requiring one to click on them before one can see them. I can understand restricting adult content from the under-18 set but they're blurring political cartoons and I-can't-figure-out-why images besides. It's overbearing, IMHO.

Come on, Next Payge, come back online, please!
It's a pity when one settles in to what seems like home only to get a software change kick out the door.

Another day Next Payge is still down, and things need to be said that can't be posted via because it's about #Palestine, #Israel and the broader Middle East, and I won't be silenced.

I should initially point out that a huge number of Israelis are against moves made by the Netanyahu regime, so don't go around "anti-semitism" me about this.

Considering #Iran's involvement in this area, and considering that this means #Russia too, a report via i24News in Israel was bemoaning how its co-operation with the Palestinian Authority on a limited number of issues (none of which are the illegal Israeli settlements) didn't produce peace in the region; this as the signatories to the Abraham Accord have joined to condemn Israel's recent attacks on cities in Gaza...and the Abraham Accord was supposedly produce peace, too.

But now for the objective of this post: As of the Abraham Accord and all the new deals Israel has already made with the Gulf states even with non-signatory nations, how has it come to pass that Palestinians are now thrown under the Arab bus for this?

A bit of background may hold clues: When Arafat headed the PA, Israel did its damnedest to weaken the PA, and they succeeded to the point where Iran's Hamas now holds power and there's no way Israel can now pull a Uturn to prop up the PA as it's doing now and succeed with that. I also suspect that the rise of Shia Hamas is exactly why Sunni Arab states wish to throw that part under any given bus.

It's debatable, open for discussion, of course.
Nobody up for this, hm? Not surprised.
Universodon has proven that it isn't. It's the reason it continues to fester.

These Texas DAs refused to prosecute abortion. Republican lawmakers want them stopped


The Texas GOP is pushing a bill that would punish district attorneys who set a policy not to prosecute certain crimes. It comes after many said they wouldn't go after abortion cases following Dobbs.

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These Texas DAs refused to prosecute abortion. Republican lawmakers want them stopped


The Texas GOP is pushing a bill that would punish district attorneys who set a policy not to prosecute certain crimes. It comes after many said they wouldn't go after abortion cases following Dobbs.

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What republicans have in mind for American women (and all women, if they could pull it off)

Religious sadists just want to see women suffer

By Thom Hartmann

#GOP #Sadism #Fascism #Torture #Women #WomensRights

Lawfare against charities defending Palestinian rights

“I don’t believe … this case was brought against us in the belief that it had legs. I think it was brought against us in an effort to throw sand in the wheels of our advocacy and to make working on IOPT [Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory] very expensive.”

#politics #Israel #Palestine

There's an actual org named Lawfare and I couldn't imagine them getting involved in this. And there's a problem with server-run biases in even talking about Palestinians, as I discovered the hard way on the instance I'm making this comment on. An instance that fails to recognize that a lot of Israeli Jews acknowledge that Palestinians have excruciating problems at all is part of the problem.
That one is Lawfare Blog run by Mr. Baby Cannon Ben Wittes--and a good blog it is, too.

Happy First Day of March

The winds may blow, but we’ll get our ducks in a row.

#march #ducks

Hatch Bank discloses data breach after GoAnywhere MFT hack

#security #bleeping computer #bleepingcomputer #computers #technology #news #education #updates #tech
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Serial Harasser Marjorie Taylor Greene Demands A Safe Space

She likes to dish it out but she can't handle it when it's aimed at her.

We’re supposed to reach 50º today and then it will be snow again by Friday

I think the weather is bipolar.

#March #weather

Dang it, Next Payge is STILL offline. Of this and that Friendica instances, the better one was Next Payge. Still love both sites.

When Outsourced went offline for a few days I went hunting for another Friendica instance cuz I wanted Friendica in addition to Mastodon...and then Next Payge went offline as of today. I don't care what people may say of multiple accounts, but it's situations like this one which make them necessary. That, and a-holes running Diaspora instances but I haven't been interested in a Diaspora redundancy because the software is insufferably buggy no matter where I go.
Still haven't obtained a Mastodon redundancy as yet but it's in the cards.

No Pixelfed accounts yet because what I've been seeing by way of comments about that give me cause to pause; image intensive platform that might also invite scraping and I hear it has a heavy spam problem. Still monitoring that.

Looks like the DUP has been checkmated:
Brexit: UK and EU leaders hail ‘extraordinary’ deal on Northern Ireland protocol
The most interesting part of the press conference was probably what Rishi Sunak said about the deal including a “Stormont brake” allowing the Northern Ireland assembly to stop new EU single market rules from applying in the region. He said the agreement “safeguards sovereignty” for Northern Ireland as a result. It had been reported that the deal would give the Northern Ireland a right to be consulted on new single market rules; but this goes further, because the assembly would be able to block new rules applying in Northern Ireland.

This feature of the deal – assuming that Sunak has described it accurately, and that critics do not find a catch when they get to inspect the smallprint of the deal – will make it hard for the DUP to oppose the deal.

That is because, for the brake to apply, power sharing at Stormont would have to be restored. That would require the DUP to allow the assembly to start sitting (by backing the election of a Speaker) and to lift its boycott on participating in the power sharing executive. The DUP has said it will only do this if it gets a deal it finds acceptable. If the DUP were to contine to boycott the executive, the “Stormont brake” would not apply. And the alternative would not be no protocol; it would be Northern Ireland still being in the single market, but not having the veto as described by Sunak.

It is also worth pointing out that the “Stormont brake” is not a DUP veto on new single market rules. For Stormont to exercise this veto, there would almost certainly have to be cross-community support for such a move. That means Sinn Féin would have to want a veto too. Unlike the DUP, Sinn Féin is not ideologically opposed to Northern Ireland being subject to EU law. Its main political goal is for Irish reunification, which would probably involve Northern Ireland fully rejoining the EU.

Today I just now heard that Starmer sais that Labour would support the agreement. US has already heard speculative talk about a year ago when there might be an economic reunification of Ireland with the US being a major market participant....and I've heard nothing about it since.

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