"America didn't free the slaves; the slaves freed America." Michael Harriot breaks down the real origins of Juneteenth and why it should mean so much to everyone. TheGrio Daily is an original podcast from The Grio Black Podcast Network #

Why buy a new car when you could covert yours to electric?
Converting Your Gas-Powered Car to Electric

Don Little diaspora
Well, if nothing else, there'll be a ton of good used EVs to choose from.

Meet the Polish LARPers Who Pretend to Be American
By day, Bartosz Bruski works in computer forensics, but in his down time, the 29-year-old unwinds by heading to a trailer park outside Warsaw, where he directs a group of around 60 Polish people who pretend to be ordinary Americans – people from Ohio, to be exact.
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Being a Pole currently residing in Poland, I can only say el oh el 😀

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From the org of which I am a member and me...

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Word up about a commodity launched into prominence thanks to Russia's invasion of Ukraine is wheat, and the latest word about US wheat is that harvest of winter wheat is three quarters completed and summer planting is underway. It's looking better than previously expected but still short of mitigating the market shortfall due to Ukrainian holdup. There was no mention of extra acreage planned to be planted either; farmers 'round here are now focused on corn, soy beans and sorghum for the most part.

Fortunately for me & the local newspaper, there's a local commodities trader that started writing newspaper columns on the subject a couple months those of you who have an interest in better detail than Google delivers, well, permit me to bring Enid native Brad Sidwell to your attention. His articles in the Enid News & Eagle are behind a paywall but he's a licensed broker with his own website, which also see.

Watch "Tom Waits. Waltzing Matilda [aka: Tom Traubert's Blues] Live at Rockpalast 1977." on YouTube


Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine - 19 June 2022. From the UK MoD.

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The global economic climate today can't be changed by changing national leaders, but you can't tell voters that. They'll be disappointed by every leader they elect and can predictably flip to the other party in any "two party system", which is one of many great arguments for ditching such a system. Current talk in the States is expecting a president to bring down prices as if any open market responds to efforts on price controls. No president or any other official can control prices, and it's been tried before. Doesn't work. But you can't tell voters that.

The latest explainers of both inflation and rising costs of housing (both rental and owned)is commodity prices on building materials, jacked up by the price of the petrol commodity by which they're shipped, and we're back to the oil conundrum as well as revisiting not the Dow Industrials index, but the Dow Transportation Index.

But there's been unusual movement on a couple of other commodities that don't track with historical record in times of inflation, and that's gold and silver. When the Fed raises the prime rate, there's an expected flight from Dow Industrials to 30-year and other Treasuries and so the Dow Industrials usually experience a strong dip...but inflation in general causes a rise in precious metal investment, and that's NOT happening. Those sales are actually down, and surprisingly enough, so is sweet crude. So yeah--you're going to hear the blame going to refineries.

Here's the deal: hedge funds are NOT worried about inflation and in fact are sitting rather smug on their current gold and silver holdings, so quit blaming Yellin on making a bad call on the duration of inflation. Demand for goods continue to outstrip production and the reason we're not getting product to match demand is product bottlenecks between production and market.

Any given company's prosperity is based on increasing customer base--full stop. If the customers are there, it's on the company to deliver the goods and thus make more sales. That's not where they're currently at, though, with their track record of failing to reinvest profits into company operations but instead in artificially jacking up the value of their stocks by buy-backs, AND with those buy-backs executed during the time when they are paying their own jacked up price per share with each buy-back. That's like being an Amway dealer with yourself as your best customer and neither scenario is sustainable.

Thus I'm going all Gail Dudak on you by calling this a long overdue bear market correction, not a recession.
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Ya, a member of the hoodwinked sheeple bleats again. Get thee gone, Satan.
Everybody has “pureblood”. Nothing else works in one’s circulatory system. Wotta maroon. As they say down south: wotta idjit.

Wildfires force Germany, Greece and Spain to evacuate residents | News | DW | 19.06.2022

The fire in # is in Brandenburg, near #

Jupiter’s moon Europa to obscure distant star


New evidence of watery plumes on Jupiter’s moon Europa

On 19 June 2022, Jupiter’s intriguing moon Europa will pass in front of a distant star, making that star appear to disappear for at least a minute. This event will be easy to see with any size of telescope from certain parts of Africa.

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Russia-Ukraine war: What happened today (June 16)


A roundup of key developments and the latest in-depth coverage of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

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American democracy is more vulnerable now than on Jan. 6, Schiff says amid hearings


American democracy is more vulnerable today than it was on January 6 because the "big lie" that Donald Trump won the 2020 election has spread, says Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA).

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These past 2 weeks have been bombshell filled to the point of pushing Ukraine out of American focus, but even in monarch butterfly circles, Ukrainians have been chiming in basically saying Ukraine lives are more important than the endangered species.

And there's the public exhibitions of the J6 Committee. Zelenskyy should understand that the United States that supports him now will cease to be here for Ukraine if the insurrectionists win later.

So here's a word to the wise that in the Fediverse it's unwise to foment swill about anti-capitalism revolution for the U.S. because we're already weary of insurrection swill. You're entitled to your opinions about how defunct 20th century economic mirages are supposed to work in real life when they don't, I know I speak for most Americans when I say STFU.

I know I've taken aim at people who were my favorites on Google Plus, but they didn't pull this sort of crap on Google Plus and it's this phenomenon on their part that put the last nail in the G+ coffin.

Whether you're left wing or right wing, take your revolution and shove it.
Consider Nepal, which used to be a kingdom but was "liberated" by Maoists. Their idea of a revolution for the people was to murder every single member of the royal family. What are they now? A satrap of China. For the people my ass.
American people are already sick of the NRA's idea of freedom, so no more of this violence swill, people. It's swill.




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"A lot of people on here do not seem to understand that a large number of evangelical Christian Republicans DO NOT CARE about their own children as "people". We're more like "pets" or "possessions" to them.
This is really important to understand because it plays into understanding how we tactically approach problems."

Better late than never? Derek Chauvin back in the news because of 2 lawsuits over excessive force pre-dating George Floyd's killing by 3 years.

@Clara Listensprechen ...But ..But.. But... it's wearing a hoodie...

[that was the joke]
Aaaahhhhhhhhh! I think I got it now. Lolz

Remote # June 5 on a beautiful but windy Sunday.
Fetched up Memorial Day decorations from the graveyard (the yard requires Memorial Day decorations be picked up on the Sunday following Memorial Day unless they're in a permanent display part of the grave marker)

The Giant Swallowtail cats (caterpillars, that is-- # for me means something non-feline).

Today in 1968 Robert F. Kennedy was killed by a shooter, quite a thing to rcomnmemorate as we're experiencing more mass shootings today right now. As talking heads discuss/debate the current issues with guns and regulation, it's well worth calling to mind the 1930s era where the U.S. actually learned its lesson about a policy of 2nd Amendment absolutism as prohibition-era gangs ran illicit hooch and fighting each other over turf as if this were modern day Guatemala.

This is what today's gun nuts want the U.S. to turn into again, and we've already been there, done that, passed laws that outlawed particular types of guns. And we can do it again. If we don't, we'll be revisiting Bonnie, Clyde, Pretty Boy Floyd, Al Capone, and ilk. The only people wanting unrestricted gun ownership, carrying and usage are the criminals and the "good guys" who give the criminals cover. Those good guys are bad guys.
This cat is in its 3rd instar stage--still a wee baby. With a big appetite.

This one is a 4th instar Giant Swallowtail in molting position. 5th instar is the last stage a caterpillar achieves before pupating into an adult butterfly.

Hero mom says Uvalde police threatened her if she did not stop telling her story

Angeli Gomez said she was threatened by an officer who warned she would be charged with "obstruction of justice" if she did not stop telling her story. The charge would have serious consequences because she was on probation for a crime she said she committed nearly 10 years ago. She added that a local judge said there would be no legal repercussions for telling her story.

Even if your shop isn’t unionized yet, the threat of unionization scares the capitalists into raising the floor for everyone

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